a.-Glebe-1.1-hiveTrunch Beekeeping Group is keen to increase the membership. Villagers interested in this fascinating and educational pastime are welcome to join. Looking out for the wellbeing of honey bees is a remarkably rewarding experience. During 2018 we will be carrying out regular hive inspections and organising a hive demonstration at Glebe Lodge.

The Group have now seven hives. Bearing in mind the Group was only formed April 2016 by inexperienced aspiring bee keepers the achievement of setting up the hives has been relatively successful. Members attended various courses organised by experienced and well known bee keepers. The Group have attracted interest from other local bee keepers whose help is invaluable. Last year the Group was able to collect and sell some of the honey.

The Group plan to purchase two queen bees, an Easy-Clean hive steriliser and additional stock of honey jars this year. New types of hive are being introduced to the bee keeping market and it planned to try a couple of these.

The next members meeting is on 5th March at 6.30pm in the Methodist Church Community Room.

The group’s very extensive web site, with a Members Area,  is

If you are interested in joining our Group please contact Brian Boughton on 01263 720252 or contact any member of the Group.

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