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Trunch Crown Beer Festival – 2nd-4th August 2019

I am pleased to be able to finally publish the details of the upcoming beer festival here at the Crown, it has been arranged to have minimal impact on the local residents but have maximum effect on the village economy with 50% of the proceeds from entry going to the Trunch Church Fund.

From 9am on Friday 2nd August 2019 access from Knapton road onto The Hill and the small triangle section of ‘no mans land’ will be closed off, like wise access from North Walsham Road into Front Street/The Hill will be closed, the residents of Front Street will still have full access to their properties with their vehicles. Anyone effected with parking by the closure of the triangle area, Mr and Mrs Cornish have very kindly given permission for use of the paddock behind Vine Cottage, this will also be used for parking for patrons of the beer festival with plenty of signage put in place, Traffic will be diverted away from Front Street and will use Back Street as an alternative through route.

The live music schedule for the event is as follows;

Friday 2nd August 4pm -9.30pm

Saturday 3rd August 4pm – 10pm

Sunday 4th August 2pm – 9pm

Besides the Live music there will be children’s entertainers from 12 o clock Saturday, A hog roast and Pizza van, cream teas and cakes available throughout the day in the church yard.

Anyone with any concerns or questions is invited to The Crown from 7pm on Monday 8th July and I will be able to talk you through a more detailed plan and hopefully alleviate any concerns

Iain Chambers

Crown Trunch

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A Note from the Local Management Team :-

All pub users, and even those who just walk by, will have seen the resurgence of the Trunch Crown; come in and experience the convivial atmosphere, the welcome of the bar staff and the friendliness of the patrons.

We all must appreciate a ‘good local’ is vital to any village as it provides a meeting place for us all to commune socially. It also has the capacity to support events and activities in the village, like concerts etc. It can provide a vital attraction to those who holiday in the area, giving refreshment, guidance and a place to meet others.

All this makes it important to have a great village pub, that’s warm, welcoming and a place where all are comfortable to visit.

The great news is that after much work with Bateman’s, The Crown has opened under a local licensee Iain Chambers who lives in the village. This has been made possible with help from local people who are assisting financially and with skills that will allow the pub not just to re-open, but be brought up to a high standard of environment and offer.

The pub is going to be open 7 days a week, with a food offer of Pizza/Pasta (Inc Takeaway) in the week and back to the traditional roast on Sunday’s. We will have a great range of beers, wines and spirits (including local gins!). Quality tea and Coffee will be served as well as pies and other snacks. Quiz nights, music and other events will be staged.

We hope the pub will return to its place at the heart of the village and hope to work with the village societies to help them with their aims.

We hope  you will join Iain at the pub and show your support by coming in for a drink or a meal, and make sure the pub can take its place once more in the heart of the village.

See you in the Trunch Crown!!!  Support your local