SWAFIELD & TRUNCH CINEMA CLUB – ‘OPPENHEIMER’ on 19th January at 6.30pm in St Botolph’s

Dear Movie Fans,
On the 19th Jan we’ll be screening Oppenheimer in St Botolph’s, Trunch starting at 6:30pm.  As the ‘father of the atomic bomb’, Cillian Murphy is a 20th-century Frankenstein whose catastrophic creation unravels across a tangle of timelines in Nolan’s expansive drama.
The Guardian have a 4 star review of the film here:  Christopher Nolan’s volatile biopic is a towering achievemen
As the film is quite long we’ll start the screening promptly at 6:30pm and break for supper at 7pm.
The fish & chips will come from Sheryl at Roughton Fish Shop. The menu is here.  We need to place orders for Fish & Chips by lunchtime on 18th January.

Call or email Tim on 01692 402624 to book.

Please bring your own drinks and a cushion!

The cinema events are run jointly by Swafield Village Hall and the Trunch Group of Parishes.

Tim & Boris