Trunch Parish Council


Clerk: Julie Chance

Chair: Brian Boughton

Vice Chair: Gloria Green


Alan Fordham
Tony Leeder
John Jones
Nick Hurst
Chris Owen
Richard Walker
John Spencer
Carole Owers
Shirley Wild

Next meeting on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.  All residents of Trunch welcome


Parish Council elections are being held on Thursday 2nd May 2019. Candidates wishing to serve as Councillors must complete a nomination. Nomination forms together with guidance notes and a timetable for submission of the forms are available from the Clerk (01263 833902) or  the Chairman (01263 720252). If any prospective candidates wish to know about the time commitment and responsibilities of the Council and Councillors’ the Clerk or Chairman will be pleased to discuss these with you.

Clerk, Julie Chance (01263 833902) or

Chairma, Brian Boughton (01263 720252)