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The name Trunch may be derived from Le Tronchet Abbey (which had possessions in Norfolk) or from the Celtic for ‘wood on a promontory’ (Literary Norfolk).

There is an old Norfolk rhyme which mentions Trunch:
‘Gimingham, Trimingham, Knapton, Trunch,
Northrepps, Southrepps, lie all in a bunch.’

Trunch Brewery

The NORTH NORFOLK  BREWERY was founded by William Primrose in 1837.The brewery was later handed down to his son Philip ( one of 14 children).
Philip Smyth Primrose is described in 1877 as brewer & maltster, and agent for Truman, Hanbury, and Buxton’s Stout. The malthouse was at North Walsham. In 1904 W. D. Churchill took over. In 1939 the brewery became registered as a private company. It was taken over by Morgans in 1952.
Read more about the recent history of Trunch brewery, including some pictures >>>
Its products were advertised in 1938 as being available in Cask, Bottle or CAN.  “Take a carton of cans aboard with you”. The Trunch brewery was a pioneer in the canned beer market. read more>>>


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