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Special Events

Swafield Hall Open Gardens – Saturday 26th June Swafield Hall, Swafield Opens 10am Tim Payne
Songs of Praise + Picnic – Sunday 11th July St Nicholas, Swafield 3pm Tim Payne  or Meg Dinnes
Organ Recital – Ashley Grote (Norwich Cathedral) Sunday 11th July St Botolph’s, Trunch 7.30pm
Pilgrimage Festival (Services and Walks) – Saturday 17th July Bradfield Church 2pm Tim Payne + details in local Churches
Pilgrimage Festival (Services and Walks) – Sunday 18th July Bradfield Church 10am Tim Payne  + details in local Churches
Wind in the Willows (The Pantaloons) – Saturday 24th July St Botolph’s, Trunch 4pm & 7.30pm
Mynx Soul Band Concert – Saturday 7th Aug St Nicholas, Swafield 7.30pm Tim Payne
Swafield Hall Open Garden – Sat/Sun 7th / 8th Aug Swafield Hall, Swafield Opens10 am Tim Payne
Combined Church Fetes – Saturday 4th Sept Swafield Hall, Swafield 1pm start Tim Payne
Village Picnic – All Resident Welcome Sunday 12th Sept The Paddock, Trunch TBC Trunch Parish Council
Bach’s Golberg Piano Variations – Rachel Fryer Saturday 25th Sept St Botolph’s, Trunch 7.30pm Tim Payne
Trunch Tree Day – Free trees for residents Saturday 2nd Oct Trunch Village Hall 12 noon – 3pm Trunch PC Dave Burns
Tree / Hedge Planting Events (Volunteers Needed) – October – Nov Around Trunch TBC Trunch PC Dave Burns

Regular Events
Book Club – 4th Monday each month Trunch Village Hall 2pm – 4pm Mrs H Tyler
Guitar and Uke Lessons – Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 7pm – 8pm Rob Ward
Guitar and Uke Lessons – Friday Trunch Village Hall 9am – 10am Rob Ward
Knitters and Stitchers – 3rd Monday each month Trunch Village Hall 2.15pm – 4.15pm Mrs V Dagley
Pilates – Wednesday Trunch Village Hall 10.30pm -11.30am Mrs S Powley
Sewing Group 2nd Monday each Month Trunch Village Hall 9am – 12noon Currently Full
Tae Kwondo – Sundays Trunch Village Hall 10am – 12noon Mr R Underhill
Trunch Table Tennis – Monday and Wedensday Trunch Village Hall 7pm – 10.00/10.30pm

Mr A Robinson
Yoga – Thursdays Trunch Village Hall 7.30pm – 9pm Mrs V Carmen
Zumba – Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 10am-11am Mrs J Weston
Zumba Seated – Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 11.45am – 12.45pm Mrs J Weston


The Open Gardens, Scarecrows and Fun Day 2019- Photographs